Training Fees

The Trainer and Owner Reform rules (“TOR Rules”) have been in operation since 1 August 2017. Under these rules, the relationship between an Owner and the Trainer is governed by the Racing Australia Standard Training Agreement (“STA”), subject to amendments. A copy of the STA is available on the website:


Under the TOR Rules, a Trainer must provide the Owner (or, in the case of a Horse owned by multiple Owners, the Managing Owner) with a copy of its Fees Notice, which sets out the anticipated Training Fees and Training Disbursements payable in respect of the Training Services.


You may download these documents, which are to apply between yourself and Redgum in respect to the training o f your Horse, by clicking the links below:


1. Redgum Racing’s Addendum to the Standard Training Agreement; and

2. Redgum Racing’s Fees Notice dated 1 August 2023


If you are the Managing Owner of the Horse (in the case of a Horse owned by Multiple Owners), you are required to provide the other Owners with a copy of these documents within 5 days of receiving them.


It is important to note that Redgum Racing’s Addendum to the Standard Training Agreement is an addendum to the STA, and in the instance of inconsistency between the STA and these terms, the addendum terms shall prevail (where permitted). The Owner’s acceptance of these terms is signified by delivering the Horse to Redgum, or by permitting the Horse to be and remain at Redgum’s premises or un der the care and control of Redgum, or in any case after the time the Owner first becomes aware of these terms.


Additionally, if the Managing Owner does not object to the Fees Notice within 14 days, that notice is deemed to have been accepted by and on behalf of the Owner.


We take this opportunity to thank you for sending your Horse to be trained by Redgum Racing and look forward to racing success in the future.